How to fold ping golf travel bag [Step by Step You should Know] 2022

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Do you want to know how to fold a ping golf travel bag? The following article will show you step-by-step instructions on how to fold your ping golf travel bag. It is simple and easy, so follow the steps below for an easy folding process. You’ll be able to pack up quickly when it’s time for another round of golf or even just a trip home from the course. This folding technique makes packing up quick and easy, with minimal wrinkles!

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How to fold ping golf travel bag

How to fold ping golf travel bag

You don’t need to be frustrated anymore when it comes time to pack up your gear after a round of golf. Follow these steps and enjoy packing up in no time at all! Once you learn this technique, it will be much easier for you to pack up your gear after playing 18 holes of golf. You can also use this technique when packing for any other type of trip where space may be limited. The best part about folding the bag is that there are no creases in the fabric so it looks new even after being folded multiple times!

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You can do it in just 3 easy steps! Follow the instructions and get your new favorite way of folding your ping golf travel bag.

First Step:

The first thing you need is an empty space on the floor, preferably carpeted or with some padding so that when you unfold the folded up ping golf travel bag it won’t be damaged.

Second Step:

Next, layout the folded-up ping golf travel bag flat on its back and open one side of it like a book. Now take each corner and fold them towards the center until they meet in the middle.

How to fold golf travel bags

Third Step:

Finally, turn over this new rectangle shape. So that all 4 corners are pointing down towards. The ground and then roll from left to right into a tight tube shape.


Which ping golf travel bag is best?

Ping 4 Series Golf Stand Bag

Is there any unisex ping golf bags?

Yes that is Ping Collection Unisex 2020 Hoofer Carry 5 Way Top 11 Pocket Golf Bag


That’s it! Your brand-new way of folding your ping gold traveling bags is now complete! Go ahead and try this method for yourself today! It’ll make packing much easier for next time. Around as well as making sure there are no wrinkles in your clothes when they arrive at their destination too!

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