How golf handicap is calculated [Step by step]2022

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How golf handicap is calculated is very important. The golf handicap is a ranking system that measures the player’s ability. Based on a sequence of strokes played rounded to the nearest number that is greater than zero.

What is handicap index

The golf handicap is a way to easily compare players of different skill levels and handicaps. It is easily understood, simple to use, and yields easy scoring as well: a lower score is better and the lower the better.

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How golf handicap is calculated

There are many ways to calculate your golf handicap,


Calculate a total score for all 18 holes. For each hole, assign a number from 0 to 18, in increments of 1. For example, a score of 26 is considered a “bogey” on 18.


Take the sum of all your scores for all 18 holes.


Add any penalty points you may have received for your score.


Determine your handicap index using the following formula.

But the main ones are the Handicap Index (HI) and Modified Handicap Index (MHI). The HI shows how many strokes you need for an average golfer to have the same results as yours. This is calculated by using your strokes gained: putting (SG:P) and strokes played (PG) and dividing by the green in regulation (GIR).

The higher the number, the better, since a lower number means you can perform at a similar level in a shorter time and thus earn more points when you compete in the tournaments. The better your golf handicap, the more points you can achieve in the tournaments and the better your chances of getting a trophy.

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What is handicap index?

The handicap system is a system of scoring a golf game that is used to make the outcome of a game more predictable for both the player and the opponent. The system uses a mathematical formula to assign points to a golfer based on his or her performance and certain characteristics. The formula is based on the formula that was introduced in 1874 by Major George F. Potter. The system is used to convert a hole-by-hole handicap index into a season handicap index and a lifetime handicap index.

Golf handicap explained

In golf, the lower the handicap, the lower the skill level. There are many different ways to handicap your golf game, each of which can be used for a variety of different reasons. For example, one can handicap for age, gender, or handicap ratio.

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What is a good golf handicap?

It’s easy to guess that golf handicap means a less than or equal score to what is considered a “perfect” score for a given golfer. But there are thousands of score possibilities for a given golfer. These are called golf handicaps, and they range from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 25. The golf handicap is the sum of the golfer’s lowest score and the highest score—but is it the best score?

Golf handicap chart

The process of determining a golfer’s handicap is a relatively simple one. The only requirements are a minimum 30-yard drive, and the ability to find and count your score from every hole on the course.

golf handicap chart

The numbers used to calculate the handicap don’t necessarily tell the whole story. And without knowing the true nature of a golfer shot, their handicap can be misleading.

Final Word

Today, my final word on How golf handicap is calculated is that there are no good, accurate ways to calculate golf handicap. 

All three calculators I looked at gave significantly different results based on my data, and all three were wrong.  If you’re looking to calculate your own golf handicap, then I encourage you to consider playing on a course in person and getting an official handicap.

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