Golfkicks traction kit review [Must Read it Before buy] 2022

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This Golfkicks traction kit review helps you to understand the exact thing about this product. Moreover, you can also know the installation method which is cost-efficient and actionable. So, are you ready to read this article and make the right decision? Then stay tuned and clear your confusion.

No one likes discomfort and non-effective shoes for their golf course. Are you? If no, then you should make your shoe more comfortable and effective to use golfkicks traction kit. It is not only for comfort but also suitable for any game of course.

Golfkicks traction kit review


  • Brand Name: Golfkicks
  • Item weight: 1-pound
  • Total amount: 20
  • Thickness: 1/3″
  • Material: rubber and metal
  • Easy to Install: Yes
  • Comfortable: Yes
Golfkicks traction kit
  • Easy to install without using any extra tools
  • Suitable for golf and other shoes
  • Perfect 1/3″ thickness provides you awesome performance
  • The sole, rubber, and metal truly much better than other
  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • Very stylish and comfortable to move
  • Not found much negative review.

Significant Features of Golfkicks Traction

Golf shoes are comfy and you may have not any doubt, but you may also wonder to know that you can make your shoe more comfy and effective to choose the right product. Golfkick is a popular brand in the golf industry and they produce high-quality traction.

In this article, I am going to share with you the core information about this Golfkicks Golf Traction Kit for Sneakers with DIY Golf Spikes to easily make your decision.

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Golf games become longer and you may need to spend much time on the game. But when your shoe is not comfy and doesn’t provide you extra comfort than a normal shoe that means it is difficult to provide the best performance.

Golfkicks traction kit comfortable

However, this Golfkick traction is capable to provide lasting support with extra comfort. This unit comes with high-quality rubber with a solid shape that produces bounces and also matches the shape with your feet. On the other hand, it is used metal which is waterproof and provides you long-time support. So, with this product, you can spend a comfy and quality time in your golf game.

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Size or Shape

This is another important section which you need to consider. Different people wear different shoes and their sizes or shape also different. However, Golfkick shoe traction measurement is 1/3″ thickness and other sizes are adjustable.

According to my experience, I found my perfect shape after taking it with the manufacturer. So, if you don’t find your shape or size, then you need to contact the manufacturer to get the right size.


This unit is made with a metal core and a durable rubber which provides you maximum comfort and durable support. The sole and construction made this unit soft underside and also helps you to easily jump or take extra pressure when you take your extreme shot. Moreover, the sole, metal, and rubber provide you lasting support.

Complete Kit

Most of the time people ask me that they are looking for shoe traction which comes with a complete kit that means they don’t need to purchase any extra tools. Luckily, this product is capable of full-fill their desire. So, if you think that you need a complete kit for your shoe, then I think this product is one of the best deals for you.


Unlike the other golf shoe traction, this unit comes at an inexpensive price. If your budget is low but wanted to choose the best golf traction to improve your game performance and keep yourself comfy, then you can check out this product. No doubt, it is the best product which comes at an affordable price.

Easy to Install

First of all, you will discover each of the necessary tools with this product for hassle-free installation. Secondly, you will get a user manual in which you find the installation process. The process is crystal and clear.

If you are a beginner and you have not any experience of installation, then you may need 40 minutes to install. Just follow the process told you in your user manual. However, if you have still confused to install the product, then you will let me know the below comment box.

Keep You Safe Any Position

The most important thing is that this shoe keeps you safe in any position. It avoids slip condition even you are playing the golf game in slip condition area. So, you can keep yourself especially your feet safe. So, I think it is one of the best things for you because of safety. So, what do you want else from this shoe?

What Included The box?

  • Tools
  • Box
  • User manual
  • 20 traction

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Are Golfkick any good?

A: Golfkick is a popular brand because they provide 100% user satisfaction. Moreover, this brand provides the best tools, materials, and other materials. So, I think it is a good brand for the golf industry.

Q: Can you reuse golfkicks?

A: Unfortunately, Golfkick is produced for permanent use which means you can use remove and re-install them from your shoes. It also uses strong glue which is not easy to remove.

What’s User Say?

It is common that different people say different things about the product. But most of the people voted to satisfy use this product. They think that this product adds extra comfort to their shoe. Moreover, they found it easy to install but some users also told me that it takes much time to install.

According to my experience, it is easy to install and comfortable to use. So, if you think that you need to collect a hassle-free installation product that provides you best performance, then you can check out this unit.

Final Words

I tried to clear your confusion via this Golfkicks traction kit review. This review information is also collected from pro golf players. It is not essential to use traction but if you want to make performance better than your opponent, then I think you should try this product. However, let me know your thought in the comment box to get more suggestions.

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