Ecco Strike Golf Shoes Review 2022 [In-Depth Reviews]

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Ecco Strike Golf Shoes Review

Are you a crazy player of golf? If yes, then you may understand how much important a golf shoe for a golfer. Perfect golf shoe helps you to take the perfect shot and improve your game conditions. But is it easy to choose the right golf shoe from a couple of golf shoes on the market? The official answer is not. However, this Ecco strike golf shoes review helps you clear your confusion about the golf shoes and choose the right one. I am using this shoe for 2-years without any hassles. So, keep reading this article, and then make your decision.

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  • Brand name: Ecco
  • Materials: Leather & textile
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Product weight: 15 ounces
  • Dimensions: 14 x 8.3 x 5.2 inches
  • Suitable for men
Ecco Strike Golf Shoe


It good deals with spikes

It comes with durable, high-quality leather

Very comfortable inside of the shoe

It is available in different size

You can easily wear this shoe on your wet feet

Of course, it is travel-friendly because of its low weight


Some users found their socks stated to be a little damp

Ecco Strike Golf Shoes

Significant Features of This Ecco Golf Shoe

There are couples of features you may need to consider. But it is cost your time, and I think it only sucks for you. So, what can you do to know about this product? Well, I discuss here only core features which you must need to know. So, let’s discuss the core features of this product in detail.

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Materials of Ecco Golf Shoe

This is one of the most vital sections which you need to consider. Whatever this Ecco golf shoe is made with solid and waterproof leather, which provides maximum comfort and perfect shape. Moreover, the leather doesn’t produce a bad smell even you wear the shoe for a long time on your wet feet.

Materials of Ecco Golf Shoe

On the other hand, this component is used a high-quality sole that is compatible with any kind of condition. This sole also protects your feet from any harmful elements and also safe you from any kinds of slip. That’s why this component is one of the best shoes in the market.


You may be happy to hear that this golf shoe comes at a less high price. Though it comes at a low price, you will still discover high-quality features. However, if your budget range is between 150 to 200 USD, then you can get this awesome golf shoe.


Let’s talk about this golf shoe as you know that the shoe is made with high-quality materials and sole, which made this unit durable. Moreover, the shape, size, construction, and tested the product also made this unit durable. I am using this shoe for nearly 2-years, and I don’t find a single problem that disappoints me.


No doubt, this shoe is comfortable. It is comfortable because it is used in perfect shape, solid construction, comfortable leather, sole, and other materials. The most interesting thing is that you will discover very comfortable and waterproof clothes that also provide maximum comfort even if your feet are wet. I think you should not worry about comfort from this shoe.

Available Color

Sometimes we avoid the color of our shoes which are truly bad enough. So many users also complain that their shoe color is discolored after 8 to 10 months of use. But I ensure that these Ecco golf shoes provide you color guarantee, and that’s why you can easily use them and wash them. Note, you will discover 3 different colors whatever you can choose from these three colors.


The warranty is not clear because the manufacturer doesn’t tell anything about it. However, you can contact the manufacturer and know everything about the warranty of this shoe. According to my experience, the manufacturer’s support is awesome and so fast. So, if you want to know anything, then you can contact the manufacturer.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Are Ecco golf shoes any good?

A: No doubt Ecco golf shoes are not the best product on the market. They always use high-quality materials and provides their users first-class support. I am also using these shoes for two years, and I don’t have any problem.

Q: Where are Ecco golf shoes made?

A: Most of the Ecco golf shoes are produces in several countries such as Portugal, Slovakia, Thailand, and other countries. However, from their official website, they also made their shoes in India.

Q: Are Ecco golf shoes waterproof?

A: of course, each of the golf shoes is waterproof. However, Ecco always uses solid and waterproof leather and sole and constructed perfectly, making their shoes waterproof.

What’re Users Say About This Shoes

Different people provide a different opinion about this golf shoe. But most of them provide positive reviews.

  • Comfort: When I talked with people about these shoes who already told me that it is comfortable because of perfect inside space.
  • Durability: I didn’t find a single bad review about the durability of this shoe. However, it is truly durable because of top-quality materials and other features.
  • Cost: When the users compare with price and features, they thought that the price is lower than the quality. I also think that the price is less enough when I compare it with its features.

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Golf shoes are much important for a golfer. If you choose the right golf shoe, that means you already improve your game for few steps. However, I try my best to provide you all of the information about Ecco Strike Golf Shoes Review, and I also share with you my and users’ opinion so that you can easily decide to buy the shoes.

What next? I recommend you to read this content again and then make your decision. However, if you have any confusion, you will let me know the below comment box.

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